JJ is a new programming language designed for beginners,  
 JJ is also an online environment for learning programming.

 JJ gets it name from both Java and Junior, but
 JJ is going beyond a Junior version of Java.

 JJ provides the basic principles of programming 
 without the many distracting details of a "real" 
 industrial-strength language. 

 JJ is like a pseudo-code; 
 to promote thinking and problem-solving
 rather than syntax and strange characters.

 JJ is easy to read and also easy to write.

 JJ is intended for about the first half of a programming course.

 JJ easily extends to Java by a quick line-by-line conversion.
 JJ can also extend to others such as  C, C++, Ada, Fortran, Eiffel.

 JJ teaches numerous paradigms: 
    COP: control oriented (procedural),
    DOP: data oriented (both data-flow and data-space),
    OOP: object oriented, 
    SOP: state oriented, and others.

 JJ is an art, a science, a craft, and more.