The JJ programming language was designed for novices
who want a good introduction to programming.

It can be for beginners in high school or college
or working in industry, or retraining, or just
curious about another way of thinking.

It can be for programmers adept at other languages
(such as Cobol, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Ada)
who wish to switch to Java (or C, C++).

It is for serious students who realize that 
it takes time to develop a skill

It is for students who are not sure if they like
programming and want to give it a try

It is for those who wish to enhance their skills
at planning, problem solving and programming

It is for those who wish to create responsible
"inner worlds" and outer applications

It is for those who wonder how things work,
and also like to make things work

It is for those who realize that there are 
many ways to solve problems
some ways better than others.

Programming is an art, science, craft, and more.